Dr Keith Gueinn



B.Sc (Hons):
The University of Sheffield 1965
The University of Sheffield 1969


UK Onshore & North Sea: Palynostratigraphical studies in Tertiary to Devonian sequences with particular emphasis on the Jurassic and Carboniferous. Regional correlation studies. Wellsite palynology

Ireland: Palynostratigraphical studies in the pre - Tertiary sequence of the Porcupine Bank, Donegal Basin and Celtic Sea.

Norway: Palynostratigraphical studies of Tertiary - Palaeozoic sequences both north and south of 62 degrees North. Detailed palynological studies concerned with oil field development, particularly the Statfjord field. Quantitative palynological studies of Early Tertiary sediments in Quad 25. Regional Correlation studies. Detailed palyno-stratigraphy of the Tertiary of the Greater Ekofisk area.

Denmark & Holland: Resolution of specific dating problems. Detailed stratigraphical studies in blocks P/15 and P18 of Early Cretaceous and Jurassic sequences and a regional palynostratigraphical study of the Late Carboniferous in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Africa & Middle East: Palynostratigraphical studies in the Gulf of Suez Late Palaeozoic - Cretaceous sequences, with particular emphasis on correlation and palaeoevents within the Nubian sand Sequences. Regional correlation studies in Cretaceous, Jurassic and Palaeozoic sequences of the Western Desert. Palynological appraisal of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sequences in Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan. Palynological studies and correlation of Cretaceous sequences offshore Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mauritania and Gabon.

South America: Palynostratigraphical studies of Late Cretaceous, Paleogene and Neogene sequences in Colombia and Venezuela, both individual well and field development studies.

Academic: External examiner for University of Sheffield on numerous Ph.D. and M. Sc. Theses, including several concerned with palynostratigraphic studies in North Africa, including Sirte Basin of Libya.