Dr. Liam Gallagher

Nannoplankton specialist


BSc (Hons):
The University of Sheffield 1984
MSc (D.UCL):
University College London 1985
University College London 1988


North Sea: Tertiary and Cretaceous of all sectors, with particular emphasis on the wellsite monitoring of horizontal wells utilising nannoplankton (Norway, Denmark & U.K.).

North West Europe: Rockall Basin, Western Approaches, English Channel, Onshore U.K., France, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Czech & Slovak Republics, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Italy.

South America: Colombia, South Atlantic, Trinidad and Venezuela

Other: North Atlantic, South East Asia (Indonesia & Brunei), Abu Dhabi, Algeria, Angola, Burma, C.I.S., Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, Ethiopia, Exmouth Plateau, Georgia, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Libya, Malta, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Romania, Syria, Tibet, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, U.S.A. (Texas, Alabama and Alaska), Vietnam and Yemen.

Liam has recently been engaged as External Examiner for Micropalaeontology MSc and PhD studies at University College London and will be lead nannofossil lecturer on the MSc in Applied Micropalaeontology beginning at the University of Birmingham in the autumn of 2012.