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XRD & Clay Mineralogy
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Macrofossil Stratigraphy - please call for details

Civil Engineering and rock properties - We have recently collaborated with Thames Water on the London Ring Main and Flood Relief projects providing critical age dating and lithostratigraphic horizon identification essential for tunnel alignment.

Tate Gallery Chalk Provenance Studies - Liam Gallagher and Matt Hampton have studied nannofossil samples collected from “old masters” paintings stored by the Tate Gallery, London in order to establish the provenance of the artists materials and consequently the origin of the pictures.

Routine Research - Network Stratigraphic Consulting Ltd. staff have maintained their research interests in chalk and Paleogene carbonates resulting in numerous publications in these areas. They have made submissions to the IGCP subcommission on Cretaceous Stage Boundaries and are continuing to research the detailed calibration of nannoplankton and microfaunal marker events in northern Europe.