Network Stratigraphic Consulting Limited
has been fully operational since June 1994. The company was originally organised around three key personnel – Drs. Haydon Bailey, Liam Gallagher & Keith Gueinn – each with their own technical speciality within stratigraphy, but our progressive increase in full time staff has given greater breadth to the company capabilities.

Matthew Hampton joined the company in 1995 as an offshore-certified nannoplankton specialist and is now also on the board of directors. Richard Hesketh, Chris Ball, Michelle Tyler and Darren Janssen comprise the team of offshore-certified micropalaeontologists – Brett Woodhouse, Josh Ball and Laura Pea complete the offshore-certified nanno- palaeontology team.

The company also provides an “umbrella” structure for additional specialist staff, who can be called upon, as required, to carry out the various studies we are contracted to undertake. These may include routine laboratory analyses, wellsite services, regional studies, field work, etc.

Our current and recent work includes projects ranging geographically from offshore Norway, the U.K., Germany, Denmark, Canada, continental USA (Texas), Venezuela, Trinidad, Tunisia, Levant Basin, Libya, Nile Delta Egypt, West Africa, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Uganda, Mozambique and Sierra Leone.

We provide a fully integrated team, working very closely together in order to produce well organised, tightly synthesised results. The technical personnel also take day to day operational decisions, making the whole company structure easy to control, without unnecessary layers of management.